Presentation of the Institute for Business Law

The Institute for Business Law is a research laboratory in the field of Human and Social Sciences and it is part of the Research Units in Law of the University of Rennes 1 (the French Research Units of Higher Education – EA 3195).

  1. A solid root in business
  2. Research Topics
  3. Influence and Partnerships

A solid root in business

Founding member of the French Federation for Company Rights (in French FNDE), the Institute for Business Law was created in 1973. This research lab of the University of Rennes 1 presently includes 58 members (8 full professors, 19 associate/assistant professors, 16 emeriti professors and lawyers, as well as 21 Ph.D. students).
Even though the Institute was initially focused on enterprise, the widely diversified research topics in the early 2000s had led to change its name. In 2004, the Institute for Business Law became ‘The Institute for Business Law, Estate and Torts’ (in French CDA – PR). This research centre in Private and Criminal Law consisted of four research teams particularly specialized in trade and business, tax law, criminal sciences, and estate law.
In 2013, the CDA – PR came back to its previous name, the Institute for Business Law, in order to refocus on its core activity further to the last report of the French Evaluation High Council and Research of Higher Education (in French H.C.E.R.E.S. ex-A.E.R.E.S.).    

Research Topics

The research laboratory of the Institute for Business Law of the Faculty of Law of Rennes puts together professors and lawyers to work on the following three topics:  

  • Tax Law, under the direction of Pr. Yolande Sérandour
  • Estate Law, under the direction of Pr. Marie-Laure Cicile-Delfosse
  • Business and Corporate Law, under the direction of Pr. Renaud Mortier

All these topics facilitate an exchange of views between members and external partners of the Institute for Business Law and give them different and complementary perspectives to ensure the objectives of their research.

Influence and Partnerships

The constant source of concern for the Institute for Business Law has always been to combine research and professional world through its three main topics – Business and Corporate Law, Tax Law, and Heritage Law. The Institute is also founding member or partner of the French Federation for Company Rights (in French FNDE), the French Federation for Estate Law (in French FNDP), the Association of Banking Jurists (in French ANJB) and the Bar of Paris (Ordre des avocats de Paris) and Rennes (Ordre des avocats de Rennes), the Company Copyright Network (in French RePI), the Observatory of Tax Treaties created by the French Council for Foreign Trade (in French CNCCEF), with the leading law firms and companies.   

Today, there is a renewed interests in the entrepreneurial concept thanks to the increasing importance of the stakeholder theory in the Anglo-Saxon countries, as well as the development of corporate social responsibility. Moreover, the Institute for Business Law has shown a very strong desire to international opening for over a decade. Thanks to its traditions, relations, contacts, the ongoing exchanges between the international universities and the Institute for Business Law’s members, the research laboratory is developing links with other countries with similar juridical systems and which are interested in scientific multilateral cooperation and students training. Also included among the priorities of the Institute's programme, there are several activities within international organisations as well as those  leading to the development of scientific partnerships to facilitate the integration of students.