Research topics

Today the Institute for Business Law is made up of three research topics.

1 : Business Law

Business Law, under the direction of Professor Renaud MORTIER

Study of structures, reorganization and transmission of companies towards new rules of governance:

  • Governance of viable company and company in difficulty
  • Governance of working time and flexibility
  • Governance, sustainability and company strategy
  • Governance and internationalisation of markets

2 : Tax Law

Tax Law, under the direction of Professor Yolande SERANDOUR

  • Evolution and perspectives of the French tax system in the international context
  • Fiscal effects of companies localisation
  • Fiscal issues of globalisation
  • Tax system of new technologies, French rules for taxation of benefits of industrial property, fiscal supports for research and development

3 : Estate Law

Estate Law, under the direction of Professor Marie-Laure CICILE DELFOSSE

  • Constitution, management, transformation and transmission of the estate
  • Analysis of the dematerialization phenomenon of the property linked to the appereance of intellectual property law (literary, artistic, and industrial copyrights)
  • Examination of the incidence of new information and communication technologies (intellectual property rights in software, database rights, infringements of literary and artistic property rights on the Internet…)